not on any subtwt. i get busy in uni. i play video games expect late replies. this account is mixed personal and fandom slight. i hide in my priv usually. im fine with dms about carrd will update when i have an acc dedicated for carrd help too.
basic dni criteria !! you support problematic vtubers & kpop idols. you will throw serious hate to my faves. genshintwt or any genshin player that compares my faves with genshin characters. you are a dream stan. mcyt fans.



enstars, bandori, project sekai, twst, yumekuro, helios, mahoyaku, love live, genshin, honkai, tears of themis, kpop, valorant.
izumi sena, hiyori tomoe, kohaku oukawa, natsume sakasaki, azul, silver, malleus, nero, owen, figaro, hina, toya, uta (one piece)



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